A Billionaire's Treasure


The last person Landen expected to see was her-a young, curvy, sexy woman there to care for his ailing mother.Weren’t home health care nurses supposed to be old ladies with gray hair and comfortable shoes? Not this one.

His life was busy: Head of the family construction empire busy. But she kept invading his all-work-and-no-play lifestyle in unexpected ways. And then one romantic, emotion-filled evening he took her in his arms and knew his life would never be the same.

The only problem was—she didn’t date her client’s family members. His mother was her client.

Follow Landen and Thea’s humorous, romantic and sultry journey as they try to find a way to be together and in doing so find treasure in each other.

This novella contains mature, erotic themes and is for readers 18 years and older.

A Billionaire's Game


Drake Ellsworth is cunning, devious and reckless, not to mention ripped, charming and balsy. His good looks make it all too easy for him to get anything he wants, be it women, money or power. He's a self-proclaimed bad boy who flaunts the title boldly and never apologizes for his lifestyle. He's living the life of the very privileged and he likes it. No one really knows how he makes his money to support this extravagant lifestyle, but the assume whatever he's  doing it's barely legal.

Then, in a blink of an eye, everything changes. Will his lascivious ways catch up to him and lead to personal tragedy or can a sassy, street=smart siren like Jill West be able to help him stop playing games before he loses everything?


This novella contains mature, erotic themes and is for readers 18 years and older.